at home guide to hydrotherapy

Aiming at improving the daily health of a wide variety of individuals, we'll cover the benefits of basic hot and cold hydrotherapy with a brief look into the physiology of tissue injury and stages of healing.

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You will walk away with a greater understanding of the implementation of these age-old practices: when and how to use heat or cold applications on common injuries and ailments, the benefits you might expect, and how to make household items useful healing tools.

So what will we actually be doing?
Demos on the table include: general hot/cold pack applications, hot/cold alternating hand bath, paraffin wax treatment, tips for maintaining happy feet, and a quick look at the set-ups for a variety of specific applications and treatments.

Included in the cost of this class will be your own reusable ice pack and flax seed heat pack (with or without fragrance).

Since we will be incorporating a number of hands-on demos for troubleshooting techniques, contributing questions about specific ailments (if you’re comfortable sharing) would be welcomed. It may also be a good idea to come with clean hands and feet. ;)


i'm licensed as a massage therapist in oregon and texas. also, i wish i had gills.


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