basic swim training

This is a novice class that will cover some basic swimming techniques. All experience levels are welcome to join in; however, this course may be best suited for those already somewhat familiar with swimming. We will be working to increase the efficiency of our freestyle stroke and gain experience building a swim conditioning routine.

We'll start with the survival basics: floating and treading water. Then swim some warm up laps to get a feel for comfort levels. From here we can spend some time focusing on freestyle form through demonstrations and drills. Finally, we'll put our new tips and techniques to use with a short tiered workout set (adjusted to fitness levels).

As you might guess, you'll need water, a towel, and a swimsuit of sorts. Since this will most likely be held in a chlorinated pool I also highly recommend a pair of swim goggles and maybe even a swim cap (handy for keeping unruly bangs out of your face and providing some level of protection from chemicals)


pretty sure i was swimming before i was walking. swam for a couple years on a rec league team and throughout high school.



I am currently a student studying advertising design. I enjoy eating, dreaming, learning, making, growing, and cats.


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Mary Clark
over 1 year ago

When I was a kid our house was near in the sea but I did not learn how to swin. Now I am already 40 years old, its sad that how much I do it is not possible for me.

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