"Build your first app" working session

Build our first app together, using http://guides.railsgirls.com/app/
Review Ruby/Rails/GitHub standard processes.
Understand how Terminal/Text Editor/Heroku work together.

Have Ruby on Rails installed ahead of time: http://guides.railsgirls.com/install/ OR http://installfest.railsbridge.org/installfest/


Christina Tran is a designer, a teacher, and a storyteller. Let's share a meal together and play.


I am a game developer in Austin, TX. I can teach Unity 3D, game development, and programming. I'd like to learn things outside of programming that help me make better games: visual design, story telling, usability, etc.


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Christina Tran
about 9 years ago

You may want to try the RaisBridge install fest -- it's more thorough. You might as well get the gems bundles, git install, and heroku account set up.

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