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Join us for this super special hands-on workshop and design charrette taught by Agustina Rodriguez of BBIITT Studio! In this workshop, you'll exercise your collaborative design skills, help renovate the interior of a new business, and create your very own laser etched greeting cards.

A design charrette is collaborative session in which a group of designers (and non-designers) draft a solution to a design challenge. Our challenge is to design and build 4 decorative panels, which will be installed on the interior walls of Rosewood Community Market: a local, fresh food grocery and distribution hub located in the Rosewood neighborhood of East Austin. The design we decide upon will also be etched onto your set of 6 greeting cards to take home. The tool we'll use to create these products? A laser cutter.

No previous design or tool experience is necessary. You'll be able to brag to your friends and tell them that YOU helped build and beautify Rosewood Community Market. Now that's pretty neat.

To read more about Rosewood Community market, please visit:


Agustina Rodriguez is the founder of Agi Miagi and has a background in art and architecture. She co-founded BBIITT in 2009. BBIITT is a partner business that dedicates itself to providing design and production services using digital fabrication technologies.


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over 1 year ago

Greeting Cards are now coming in different designs and style because a lot of creative people doing work in it. The also the one who provides us some good information about it.

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