Fall Native Plant Care with Colleen Dieter

This weekend while you're rerouting your entire schedule to avoid going anywhere near downtown Austin because it will be flooded with Formula1 europeans--- Join us down in South Austin for an essential fall landscaping mantaince class lead by Colleen Dieter, owner of Red Wheelbarrow Landscape and Garden Consulting.

When do I prune my lantanas? How should I fertilize my native landscape? When should I add mulch to my beds? Colleen will answer these questions and more. This will definitely be a fun, interactive presentation! (Colleen also taught our Extreme Weather Planting class on September 22nd.)

A consultation with Colleen is like seeing your yard through the eyes of an expert. Offering troubleshooting, plant identification, design ideas, plant selection, turf grass questions, and all types of yard and garden advice. With ten years of experience as a professional gardener in Austin, she focuses on using organic methods and native plants.

For more information and to RSVP visit the link below


Organizer of classes and events at TreeHouse- Smart Building, Better Living in Austin, TX and Greenroof draftswoman at Highview Creations LLC in Brooklyn, NY.


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