How To Capture A Swarm

With bees under threat, we need to give them every chance to survive and thrive. Swarming is one way that a hive splits. Especially in urban settings, it can be hard for homeless bees to find that perfect place to nest. By learning to capture swarms you can help them to survive, be available for emergency removal, and decrease your own panic or fear of “wild” bees. We’ll talk about bee behavior, the equipment to have on hand, and how to capture and transport your new hive. Participants will gain the knowledge of how to capture most swarms, how to evaluate the situation, know what equipment to prepare in advance and where to get further help.

More about the teacher:

Linda Diane Feldt

I first began keeping bees almost 30 years ago. I’m in love with these gentle creatures and would like to share that passion in this workshop. I’m a local holistic Health Practitioner, author, and teacher. My newest project is three new books, available as serialized subscriptions. The topics of my now six books include massage, death and dying, cooking greens, short stories, ethics, and wild food. I twitter about local wild food (and bees) almost daily @wildcrafting.
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Linda Diane Feldt


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Stanley Baum
11 months ago

I'm planning to create a school test about bees and other insects for our science class. The crossword clue is needed. Words containing 11 letters and 12 letters. My teacher hub and assignment planner download e-test answers for school.

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11 months ago

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Juan Torrez
7 months ago

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