How to make paneer (fresh indian cheese)

Learn how to make paneer like my grandmother used to! This recipe was taught to me by my grandmother, Chaiji. We will start with milk and end up with cheese. I will also show you how to incorporate it into a dish and fry it.

I will teach you both ways to make paneer, the countryside way (which takes a lot longer) and the more modern approach. Once you leave, you will have the tools to make fresh cheese and a better understanding of various ways to do it.

This course will be the first in a series of how to make various indian dishes that will culminate with the knowledge of how to make a full northern Indian meal.

I will make a traditional dish beforehand so that we can enjoy the cheese that we made in a proper dish once we're done. \ Beverages will be provided.

Bring a small container for leftovers if you want to take some home.


I have lived in San Francisco for 8 years after 6 years on the east coast. \ I learned to cook at a very young age though the oral tradition, which is typical of indian cooking. I was lucky enough to have my grandmother, mother and aunts all chime in with their favorite ways of preparing many of the dishes I learned. I also love cooking any type of seafood, with a specialty in shellfish.


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Charles Peak
4 months ago

You will need:

Book-Cloth- 1 sheet to cover your matte board
Bone Folder (I have one that can be shared, but this is a handy tool to have)
Binders Thread
Binders Needle
brush for glue
What website has Friday Night Funkin mods?

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over 1 year ago

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