How to shop for organics and safe personal products?

Learn how to read organic labels and a short introduction to shopping for safe, non-toxic cosmetics and personal products.

During the hour, we will cover:
- Why orgnanics?
- How to read different organic labels?
- How to shop organics at a budget?
- The importance of safe cosmetics/personal products.
- What to look for in a cosmetics label.
- Informal Q & A at the end.

A brief walk at Whole Foods Market to demo the above after short presentation.

The cover is for donations to Environmental Working Group and Environmental Defence. Their works support stronger regulations for foods and personal products safety.


7+ years of watching all environmental related documentaries. 10+ years working in marketing for packaged food and beauty clients to learn some of the tips of deciphering labels. Organic food and non-toxic personal products are good for the environment and your health. I want to share what I learnt with everyone!


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