Introduction to Front-End Development

The goal of this class is teach you the basics of front-end development and some simple tricks to help you along the way. I will attempt to cover:

HTML basics and some HTML 5 features
CSS development using the Compass framework
jQuery basics for user interaction

NOTE: You must have Ruby installed on your laptop and be able to install Compass. To install, open Terminal and type:

$ ruby -v
# output should respond with "ruby 1.x.x"

If so, run:
$ gem install compass

Once compass has installed, run:
$ compass create foo


I work on HTML, SCSS and jQuery everyday. I learn something new every week.


World traveler (when I can afford it). Photographer (on the weekends). Marketing & Product Lead @MainStreetHub (by day). Video game button masher (by night).


Senior Product Designer at Mixer Design Group




Hardworking 26-year-old wasting away his glory years on the Internet. I founded Real HQ & run


I'm a video game designer/yogini. I received my BFA in Design from the University of Texas in '06 and have been working as a game designer ever since. I started practicing yoga in '07, beginning with Bikram yoga, then focussing on Vinyasa flow. I completed a 100 hr. Anusara training in 2011.


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muneer ahmed
8 months ago

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about 1 year ago

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