Learn How to Golf

If you have never played at all, you'll get your first introduction on how to swing a golf club properly.

If you have played before and never taken a lesson, you'll learn some tips and tricks on how to improve your swing.

We will spend 2 hours at the driving range, learning swings for Driver, Hybrid, Seven Iron, Sand Wedge and Putter, with personalized swing instruction. Clubs and balls will be provided. Dress for outdoor weather, the driving range is located in Presidio Park. If you have clubs, you'll just have to pay for range balls.

I've played golf my whole life, and have taken professional instruction many times in the past. I can teach the basics of a good golf swing, and give you personal pointers on how to make your swing better. We'll practice chipping and putting as well.

There will be discounts for future golf outings.


I started out with Hourschool as a teacher - 'How to Make Salsa'. I'd always wanted to teach a cooking class, and felt like I had a lot to share after spending 8 months traveling in Central America. I loved that Hourschool gave me a platform to do something I'd always wanted to do! Teaching was a fun and rewarding experience. I also like to learn: How to Bake Sourdough Bread, How to Fix Your Own Car, Make Your Own Pasta are just a few of my favorite Hourschool classes.


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about 1 year ago

I no longer have excuses to learn to play golf by referring to this website with bold information about the course. The masterpapers explains the game very well and all the rules I must follow to enjoy it.

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