Practical Lessons from TEDx: The Power of Bringing People Together

Have you attended TEDxWaterloo or any other TEDx event in the past and left feeling inspired and motivated to do something in your community, but didn't know where to start?

Inspired by TEDxWaterloo and the TEDx community, this workshop is designed and intended for people looking to turn ideas worth spreading into actions worth doing.

'Practical Lessons from TEDx: The Power of Bringing People Together' will share lessons learned from the process of organizing TEDxWaterloo, as well as explore best practices from TEDActive, TEDxSummit and other TEDx events from all around the world.

Lessons learned and concrete action plans that come out of this workshop can be applied to community events that are similar in nature to TEDx, whether its in your school, neighbourhood, city or even within your organization (corporate, non-profit, government).


9am - 945am: Introductions and team building exercise
945am - 1045am: Presentation on 'Practical Lessons from TEDx' and Q&A
1045am -11am: Coffee Break
11am - 1pm: Facilitated Workshop on Turning Ideas into Action
(12pm 1pm: Working lunch)
1pm - 2pm: Workshop group presentations on Action Plans

I would like to acknowledge the support of John & Rebecca Short of Machteld Faas Xander for their generosity in letting us use their office space for this workshop.


Registration will be limited to 20 people.

After registering for the workshop, in the comments section below, please introduce yourself to the group and provide the following information. I would like to get the conversation started before the workshop takes place on June 14! :)

1) Name
2) Favorite interest/hobby away from work
3) What is the best kept secret in Waterloo Region?
4) Is there a community project or idea that you want to work on? (optional)

Note: $20 cover charge will go towards covering the cost of lunch, coffee and snacks throughout the day.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at renjie [at] tedxwaterloo [dot] com, or hit me up on Twitter @renjie

Your friend,

Renjie Butalid


I am passionate about ideas worth spreading, but more importantly, turning these ideas into actions worth doing. I am an organizer for TEDxWaterloo and advisor for TEDxUW and TEDxAlAin. I have also attended TEDActive in Palm Springs, CA, and the inaugural TEDxSummit in Doha, Qatar. I am also an entrepreneur with a passion for social change, currently building a tech + mental health startup by day, and scheming revolutions for a better world the rest of the time. More information can be found at


innovative thinker/changemaker/social entrepreneur


Charlotte Armstrong is a lifelong space and science enthusiast with a passion for connecting people and inspiring a life long love of learning. Her mission is to break down communication barriers between the scientific community and the general public so that all demographics can celebrate scientific and technological growth in Canada. Charlotte is a member of the Laurier Centre for Women in Science and currently works as an administrative assistant for the Accessible Learning Centre at Wilfrid Laurier University. Outside of her day job, Charlotte is the KW Nerd Nite boss ( a monthly event that incorporates free lectures in a social environment for the general public and recently filmed on the Discovery Channel ), the coordinator for KW’s Yuri’s Night,the founder and coordinator of SO Scifi (the Southern Ontario Science Fiction Festival), and founder and coordinator SO Space (the Southern Ontario Space Research and Technology festival) and the co-coordinator of Space Up Waterloo. Charlotte is also a member of the Royal Canadian Astronomical Society, the Canadian Space Society, and the Waterloo Space Society. All of Charlotte’s projects engender the same theme: to develop intelligent social networking events celebrating science in the community.


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Deborah Schumm
over 2 years ago

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