Radical Pedagogy October Meet-Up

Let's continue into the fall! According to the doodle poll, Sunday afternoon worked better than weeknights for folks. We'll use the meetings as a space to:
1) meet others interested in Radical Pedagogy,
2) collaboratively discuss interesting topics/readings, and/or
3) collectively strategize around any challenges we are facing in our work.

We have had good success in the past with multiple people leading smaller sessions within the larger conversation. Please send the group a topic, a reading, or a challenge you'd like us to consider by leaving a comment in the section below.

All are welcome!

Let me know if you have any questions ore prefer another meeting day at stinatran@gmail.com.


I miss the energy of meeting up with other RadPeddlers in person and am looking forward to fall! ;)


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Edward Knutson
over 2 years ago

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Christina Tran
about 9 years ago

Thanks for everyone who came out to this meeting! We had some new faces join us as well. Here's a recap:

General feedback
- Educators are all super busy from Sept - Nov, and hopefully activity will pick up again in the spring
- HourSchool is a good platform. While people are transitioning, we should continue emailing our lists and cross-posting events.
- Continue having events in PUBLIC spaces, so it's accessible, but experiment with new events in PRIVATE spaces for deeper conversations

Critiques/Feedback of Current Projects:
- Cindy working on a clowning performance to represent an artists' response to the electoral process as part of Election Day Eternal Talk-A-Thon at the Pomona Art Museum. Her process includes fluidity of reacting to what happens in the space on the day of.
- Nancy helping Idyllwild boarding school put together election day events that create a mock election within their campus. Questions: How do you empower students to pick up an issues and talk about it, move people to action? How do you present/understand our system objectively to international students?
- Tanya has an opportunity to travel to SE Asia in Dec. with a psychology group and present her project in Phnom Penh on hip hop culture & community consciousness. Also meeting other critical hip hop educators. Takeaway: "it's happening and it's bigger than you. you put your vision out there, and now it will carry you, soon you won't have to push so much."
- Jen & Krystina from Cal State are working on a project around "the commons" and the "multitudes" using Christopher Isherwood's 'A Single Man' as a catalyst to activate students and communities. Starting with an essay / multimedia contest. Takeaways: Not about finished product but space for becoming. Bureaucracy is trained to see limits, not possibilities, so emphasize the vision and then ask "how can you help us get there?" Work backwards.

Good luck to everyone and their projects, and feel free to use this space to continue soliciting feedback from the group as appropriate!

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cindy short
about 9 years ago

hey there one and all--
i was wondering what others had in mind for this coming rad ped. i'd love to do a small crit sort of thing. maybe a few of us bring a concept/paper/piece we're working on to get some feedback? does that still appeal to some of you? if so, i have something to share...lemme know!

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Christina Tran
about 9 years ago

Hi everyone, if you have an idea for discussion/reading/critique, please leave a comment! We can probably do 3 or 4 sessions during this Oct. meeting.

I'd like to discuss the idea of "Communities of Practice" from Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger. My questions are:
- How and where are we engaged with them in our lives?
- How do we create them in our classrooms?
- How can we create a community of practice for our RadPed group?

Here is a short intro reading: http://www.infed.org/biblio/communities_of_practice.htm

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