Rowing Technique (in a whaleboat)

This will be an intro to rowing class so no prior experience is necessary.

We'll cover technique and commands on the dock then head out into the bay.

Here's what you need:

* Layered, comfortable exercise clothing and shoes. You will be sliding on your seat, so it's best if you have shorts or sweats with no seams or pockets on the back--NO JEANS
* If you have them, bring a pair of biking or workout gloves. a bottle of water also wont hurt.
* You can have your valuables with you in the boat as long as they are in a compact bag that can stand to get a little wet. We rarely get soaked on a rec row, but we make no promises nonetheless.


I have been rowing, racing and winning in whaleboats with the Embarcadero Rowing Club for the past 7 years and am also a certified coxswain. Whaleboat rowing/racing is rowing for the rest of us...this isn't your 5 am practice, Ivy league, light as hell, scull rowing. It is a 2,000 pound boat pulled by guys and gals just like you.


I started out with Hourschool as a teacher - 'How to Make Salsa'. I'd always wanted to teach a cooking class, and felt like I had a lot to share after spending 8 months traveling in Central America. I loved that Hourschool gave me a platform to do something I'd always wanted to do! Teaching was a fun and rewarding experience. I also like to learn: How to Bake Sourdough Bread, How to Fix Your Own Car, Make Your Own Pasta are just a few of my favorite Hourschool classes.


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