Visioning & Programming

We approach every community with sensibility and help translate visions and aspirations into plans, frameworks, and programs.

User Research & Synthesis

We conduct ethnographic research with individuals and groups to understand their values and behaviors. Emphasis is placed on "designing with, not designing for".

Service Design & Experience Mapping

We identify various touchpoints across a service and visually map what the user's journey looks like. The map can be used as a shared reference amongst teams and as a kick-off point for detailed designs.

Prototyping & User Testing

We build what's needed, fast, to flesh out design ideas, test assumptions, acquire feedback from real users, and get stakeholder buy-in. It's an iterative, informative process that move projects forward.

Community Workshops

We facilitate workshop for communities who are looking to have productive conversations around change. We use various participatory methods to ensure all voices are heard and the group walks away with something tangible they can work on next.

Interested in working with us to implement a peer teaching program in your community or organization? Drop us a note at!


Green Doors Completed

We designed and implemented a peer teaching program at Green Doors, a permanent supportive housing community, to provide residents a platform to share their knowledge with their community as a means to boost agency and engagement. Read more...

Center61 In Progress

We are designing and implementing the education offerings at Center61, a space dedicated to bringing together a community of like-minded purpose-driven organizations, social entrepreneurs, and non-profit professionals. The education offerings, along with the physical space, serve as a catalyst to help people achieve more together.

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