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A few of our happy customers


Women.Design.Build fosters a community where the women and girls of Austin can build skills, friendships, and confidence through design & construction activities.


Feast for Days is a collaborative cooking platform that makes it easy for people to cook and share food.


French in Ann Arbor brings together a passionate group of people to learn about the French language, literature, cuisine and more.

What people are saying

about how we've helped them grow

"HourSchool helped give our workshops more personality by increasing visibility into our community which led to increased member attendance and involvement.”


Christina Mirando

Executive Director and Founder of Women.Design.Build

"My dream has always been to build a gathering place of information and a learning community for lovers of the French language and culture in Ann Arbor. Thanks to HourSchool, I am now able to realize this dream.”


Mijo Pappas

Founder of French in Ann Arbor

"I really love this new platform! It's only been up for about an hour and the classes are getting some hits. All in all it is awesome Awesome AWESOME!”


John Neel

Principal of schoolclass

"We are really happy with it and the site looks awesome and is already super easy to use!”


Kelly Larkan

Education lead of Vuka Austin

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Fast setup that's tailored to your brand

Launching your school is easy and quick with our intuitive school builder.

Accept all major credit cards

Accept payments and all major credit cards from around the world. All payments are handled by Stripe.

Unlimited classes and users

Why wouldn't it be? We want as much knowledge to be dispersed and as many people to be benefitting as possible!

Amazing support from real humans

Receive quick, reliable and knowledgeable customer support answers from a real human. Try it now:

See class participants

Seeing faces of other people who have registered triggers more sign ups. Not sure why, but it's true.

Share Ownership

Let your most enthusiastic members share the responsibility of organizing and teaching, with built-in approval process so you won't lose control.

Automatic Reminders

No more sending hundreds of emails. You should be focusing on the people and content, not logistics.

Reports and Analytics

Identify and reward your super users. Learn what works and double down.

HourSchool marketplace

Your events get cross-posted to our marketplace so you can reach new people and grow your community with every new event.

Custom domain Coming soon

Use your own custom domain for a more branded store experience.

Class discounts Coming soon

Drive more sign ups with promos like discounts, anniversary special, or friend deal.

Community Surveys Coming soon

Let your community decide what they are most interested in learning and teaching by voting on topics and nominating teachers.

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  • Try it free for 30 days
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  • Your own school
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  • Unlimited users
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